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Deep Draft Navigation


Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction

Part II: The Analysis


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Deep Draft Navigation

Part I: Introduction

Part I
Overview & Key Concepts

Picture illustrating risk informed decision making.  Fundamental order of the process is to first establish decision context, second to identify risk, third to analyze risk, fourth to evaluate risks, fifth to make a risk management decision.  The picture illustrates the need to communicate, monitor, evaluate and modify throughout the process.

This section covers the basics of planning and navigation,
and includes Chapters 1 through 5.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

The Introduction covers the purpose and anticipated application of this manual, and includes a brief overview of the deep draft navigation system.

Chapter 2 - Corps Planning Process

Key Concepts: This chapter covers the basic formulation process required by the Principles and Guidelines (P&G), the Planning Guidance Notebook (PGN) and the Risk Informed Decision Making process for completing a NED evaluation for deep draft navigation:

Chapter 3 - NED Objective

Key Concepts: This chapter covers the basics for NED planning of deep draft navigation concepts:

Chapter 4 - Port and Vessel Basics

Key Concepts: This chapter covers the basics of deep draft vessels and how they operate:

Chapter 5 - Port and Vessel Operations

Key Concepts: In this chapter, key concepts about the Harbor and Port systems are:

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