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Deep Draft Navigation


Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction

Part II: The Analysis


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Deep Draft Navigation

Part II: The Analysis

Part II
Overview & Key Concepts

Diagram illustrating the manual analysis framework

This section focuses on the analysis steps in order to identify the NED Plan, and includes Chapters 6 through 14.

Chapter 6 - Overview of the Economic Analysis

Key Concepts: This chapter sets up the framework for deep draft navigation economic analysis and the remaining chapters in the manual. The key concepts are:

Chapter 7 - Data Collection

Key Concepts: In this chapter, the key concepts are about determining the economic study area, including the hinterland:

Chapter 8 - Economic Study Area

Key Concepts: In this chapter, the reader will learn how to:

Chapter 9 - Commodity Flows and Forecast

Key Concepts: This chapter is about commodity movements and:

Chapter 10 - Vessel Fleet Composition and Forecasts

Key Concepts: The key chapter concepts about vessel fleet composition and forecasts are:

Chapter 11 - Determine Transportation Costs

Key Concepts: This chapter covers how to calculate ocean transportation costs and inland transportation costs. Key concepts are:

Chapter 12 - Describe Existing and Without-Project Conditions

Key Concepts: This chapter covers the following concepts:

Chapter 13 - With-Project Alternatives

Key Concepts: This chapter covers the following concepts:

Chapter 14 - Calculate NED Benefits and Costs

Key Concepts: This chapter’s key concepts are:

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