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Flood Risk Management


Chapter 1: Flooding

Chapter 2: Expected Annual Damages

Chapter 3: Without-Project Condition

Chapter 4: With-Project Condition

Chapter 5: Uncertainty

Chapter 6: Non-Structural Alternatives

Chapter 7: Land Use Changes

Chapter 8: Using This Information


U.S. Army Engineer Institute for Water Resources

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Flood Risk Management


AEP                        Annual exceedance probability

CBD                        Central Business District

CCI                         Commercial Content Inventory Program

CDF                        Cumulative distribution function

CE7                         Commercial Estimator Program

CFR                        Code of Federal Regulations

cfs                          Cubic feet per second

CNP                       Conditional Annual Non-exceedance Probability

EAD                        Expected annual damages

EC                           Engineering Circular

EGM                      Economic Guidance Memorandum

EO                          Executive Order

ER                           Engineering Regulation

FDA                        Hydrologic Engineering Canter’s Flood Damage Analysis

FEMA                    Federal Emergency Management Agency

FIA                         Flood Insurance Administration

FIRM                     Flood insurance rate map

FOR                        Flood of Record

HEC                        Hydrologic engineering center

HEC-FDA              Hydrologic Engineering Center’s Flood Damage Analysis computer

IWR                        Institute for Water Resources

LiDAR                    Light Detection and Ranging

MSA                      Metropolitan statistical area

NED                       National Economic Development

NFIP                      National Flood Insurance Program

NGVD                   National Geodetic Vertical Datum

NOAA                   National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration

NRCS                     Natural Resources Conservation Service

OBERS                   Office of Business Economics Research Service

P&G                       Principles and Guidelines

P.L.                         Public Law

RE7                         Residential Estimator Program

SPF                         Standard Project Flood

STOL                      Stage that corresponds to the top of the new levees

WRDA                   Water Resources Development Act

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